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ChuBoi is a Presenter, TV Host, Twitch Streamer and Influencer.  Chu started out working for EA SPORTS managing the FIFA community, but since he left he has built out his profile hosting events for Adidas Tango League, Presenting on Sky Sports the FIFA Interactive World Cup Final, as well as working with EA across multiple events including the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup.  Chu has worked in partnership with brands such as Xbox, MUTV, G2A, Sporf, FUThead and Coke and he has over 116k YouTube subs, 100k Twitch subscribers and 213k Twitter Followers.  For all business queries please click the link below.



Richard Buckley and Brandon Smith are FIFA e-sports commentators who shot to fame in 2017 winning the EA SPORTS Commentators Cup.  Impressing the judges with their expert knowledge of FUT and FIFA e-sports players, the commentators won their way through to the Berlin Final of the FUT Championships with EA SPORTS, commentating the final.  They haven't looked back since and now have worked on the FIFA Interactive World Cup legs in LA, Doha and London, as well as working at many other e-sports FIFA events like the Gfinity Elite Series, Twitch Community Cup, FIFA 18 eWorld Cup, and the Ziggo eBattle with Ajax Amsterdam.  You can view their showreel here. For all business inquiries, please click the link below.



Hugh Wizzy is a Sports Journalist, Presenter and YouTuber who is known as a pioneer of the YouTuber scene and who has worked with many big brands and broadcasters including KickTV where he helped grow that channel out of New York City, as well as the MLS where he produced, and hosted regular soccer content.  Hugh has worked at the Brazil World Cup and Euro 2016 tournaments and appeared in many football events such as the EE Wembley Cup.  Hugh has worked with the likes of EA SPORTS, Football Manager, Copa 90, Ladbrokes Coral and Adidas.  Hugh has over 100 thousand subs on YouTube and 133k followers on Twitter.  Hugh currently hosts his own show on TalkSport 2 'Hugh Wizzy's Mission to Moscow'. For all business inquiries, please click the link below.



Tobiias is a YouTuber, gamer and presenter with over 600 thousand YouTube subscribers and a combined following of 300 thousand across Twitter, Instagram and Twitch.  Tobiias is an "EA Game Changer" who has worked with many big brands and personalities including Adidas, Sky Sports, PUBG/Xbox, EA, the FIFA Interactive World Cup and Gillette.  A friend of the Sidemen, Tobiias has also created content for Copa 90, and appeared in various football tournaments including the EE Wembley Cup.

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With over 1.4m YouTube subscribers, 280k instagram followers, 368k Twitch followers and 400k Twitter followers, Fangs is the most famous and followed female FIFA influencer.  Having worked with major brands and publishers over her career, Jesse has taken the gaming world by storm as she creates engaging content for her millions of fans.  Hailing from Texas, Jesse starting creating content in 2012 playing games including FIFA, Call of Duty, Minecraft and GTA.  She has worked with big name brands including McDonalds, Nike, XBOX, Man City, Red Bull and Playstation.  For all business queries, please click the link below.



Craig Douglas, better known as "Nepenthez" is one of the leading UK based FIFA influencers and content creators.  
With over 1.6m YouTube subs, 824k followers on Twitter, 406k fans on instagram, and 407k followers on Twitch, Nepenthez is one of the most engaged FIFA YouTubers in the UK with almost half of his following coming from there.  Having worked with fellow influencers and brands such as Twitch, EA, EE Wembley Cup, Sidemen, Topps Kick and Epic Games, Nepenthez is now looking to take the next step with Digital Sports Mgmt joining a growing list of top tier talent.

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Jamie Bateson aka Bateson87 is a YouTuber, gamer and social influencer who is part of the EA Game Changers program.  Having worked with many big brands including EA, Elgato, Konami, XBOX, Topps and Nissan, Bateson has an incredibly passionate and engaged fanbase.  With over 1.1 Million subscribers on YouTube, 278k followers on Instagram and 578k followers on Twitter, Jamie has become one of the leading Gaming YouTubers in the world working in partnership with games such as FIFA, FIFA Mobile, PUBG and Madden.

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Craig Marshall, aka Marshall89 joins Team DSM with a huge following online across YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and is already a member of the EA Game Changers program. 
Marshall has over 202k subscribers on YouTube and 44k on Twitter and has worked with brands including Sky Sports and Soccer AM, Elgato, G2A, Noble Chairs and KontrolFreek. You can follow Marshall on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Ryan J. Ross, aka RossiHD is a YouTuber, content creator and social influencer with a huge online following.

Having worked with brands such as Adidas, Sky Sports, LG, Hyundai and Warner Bros and with over 733,000 subscribers on YouTube, 220,000 on Twitter and 42,000 on Instagram, Rossi has become one of the biggest UK FIFA influencers.

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