FUTWIZ is one of the most popular community FIFA Websites gathering 1m to 2m unique visitors every month and building a community where FIFA fans can discuss the game and the mode FUT. Co Founder Dan Bellis set up an Esports Team arm to the business in 2017 and the team has grown to 6 gamers located in the UK and Australia. FUTWIZ has build a huge fanbase and even has its team kit as a downloadable item in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Team FUTWIZ has qualified for the eWorld Cup finals for the 2nd consecutive year now with FUTWIZ Tom even qualifying to represent the eLions (England National Team) and Dan coaching the eLions.

FUTWIZ Jamie has also represented Adelaide United in the E-League, and FUTWIZ Marko represting Sydney and winning the playstation side of the competition.

FUTWIZ has over 246k followers on Twitter, 1.5m average unique visitors per month to the website, and 12.9k followers on instagram. We are currently seeking partners for the team for FIFA 20.