With a background in performing arts and musical theatre, John is plenty comfortable with a microphone in hand. John started his career in esports at the age of 16 as an amatuer competitive Call of Duty player, before making the natural switch to hosting and commentating on events. Since then, John's bright and cheerful personality has shone, as he made a name for himself in the pro battle royale scene. He's also stage-hosted MCM Comic Con and worked eith razer hosting their stage at Insomnia Gaming Festival, entertaining the crowd and having a blast the whole weekend. He has also landed himself a role on Ginx Esports TV as a weekly presenter on three shows a week. His talent is broadcasted to millions worldwide on Sky and Virgin Media TV in the UK and is the on hand Fortnite expert for North American and Canadian television channel Heads Up Daily which is broadcast on Supper Channel and Ginx Esports TV Canada.


MCM Comic Con



Old Call of Duty